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EN-COOL ENOC EN-COOL is an extended life, high quality coolant for year-round use. It will give excellent corrosion protection to all metals used in the construction of gasoline and diesel engines especially the principle metals iron, copper and aluminum. Formulated from mono-ethylene glycol and containing selected protection inhibitors, it gives outstanding rust and corrosion protection to all cooling system materials and is fully compatible with flexible hoses and seals.


  • Increases the boiling point of water and gives better cooling in the high ambient temperature conditions.
  • Suitable for all vehicle makes including aluminum engine construction
  • Meets manufacturers requirements as a premixed ethylene glycol and deionized water mixture.


ENOC VULCAN ENOC VULCAN is a range of high quality, cost-efficient diesel engine
oils, from high-performance premium oil to efficient monograde
oils. Due to the unique composition of the diesel engine oil market,
ENOC VULCAN offers a two-tier product line. The top-tier, for
highly quality-conscious users, consists of VULCAN 550X, 660X
and 770X. The middle- and lower-tier product line is for price conscious
users and consists of products such as VULCAN 330,
Super Duty and HD. For detailed technical information on each
product, please refer to the separate ENOC Lubricants Product
Information Guide or contact the ENOC Head Office, Dubai.
PREMIUM PROTEC Lubricants for Petrol automotive.


ENOC HYDRAULIC HD ENOC HYDRAULIC HD 10W is a SAE 10W engine oil used in hydraulic applications where mobile equipment manufacturers recommend SAE 10W engine oil. It has been developed to provide special anti-wear protection to minimize mobile equipment pump wear also includes rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect the hydraulic system working surfaces.


  • EN – FLUSH OIL has been developed for the use in flushing of the automotive gasoline and diesel engines.


   ENOC MARINE LUBRICANTS Quality Lubricants for Marine Equipment ENOC Lubricants, a division of ENOC International Sales LLC is a division of Emirates National Oil Company Ltd (ENOC), an entity owned by the government of Dubai.

ENOC Marine offers the following:

  • An Experienced Sales and Technical Support Team for surveying and analyzing lubrication requirements
  • Continued availability of products to satisfy timely delivery to vessels at different destinations
  • A dedicated and motivated local logistics team able to deliver and meet your marine lubricant requirements
  • A complete range of marine lubricants
  • Synthetic lubricants for specific marine applications
  • OEM approved products
  • ENOC Oil Analysis


   ENOC PROTEC 2T OUTBOARD PROTEC 2T SUPER OUTBOARD is the latest generation of two-stroke engine lubricant for high performance outboard engines. It has been formulated with special base stocks that provide a low ash lubricant to help support the protection of lakes and oceans. PROTEC 2T SUPER OUTBOARD exceeds the latest NMMA TC-3® certified oil specification requirements for high performance two-stroke engines.


  • Modern low emission outboard two-stroke engines.
  • All makes of 2-cycle outboard motor engines.
  • Oil-injected engines.
  • Oil-gasoline premix engines up to gasoline to oil ratios 100:1


   ENOC PROTEC 2T SUPER ENOC PROTEC 2T SUPER is a high quality two-stroke engine oil that has been developed for small to medium size air-cooled two-stroke engines used in motor-cycles, scooters and three wheeler light passenger vehicles used in city traffic. Formulated with a modern low ash additive system which offers protection against scuffing of piston rings and liner wear by minimizing piston ring deposits.


  • All modern and older model two-stroke engines
  • Three wheeler light passenger vehicles powered by two-stroke engine
  • Chainsaws and in portable equipment powered by two-stroke engine